London came and went like a hitch-hiker passed by a speeding Ferrari. It seemed closer to three days ‘daan saaff’ rather than over a week. But nevertheless, I made it back, in one, slightly larger piece (my eating habits tend to go to the darkside when not surrounded by the stockroom of our own kitchen…)

The trip involved (in no particular order):
A lost house cat (found after much frenzied searching)
18 police vehicles (including armed response, wielding very large guns)
A visit to a garden centre which almost bored me to tears but had glorified sheds the size of our flat on display which I soon decided I would purchase after a lottery win (they started off in the low thousands…) for ‘garden holidaying and writing purposes
A post-garden centre carvery serving shrivelled and dried roast dinners
An alternating damp/sunny walk in the Chilterns with that pen pal who is indeed a real, breathing person
Lots of London traffic
Giant Hogweed spotted growing by the side of the motorway on the drive home, deadly stuff as research later revealed
Belgian beers in Eastbourne and Maxibon ice creams on the way there (arguably the two best parts of the whole trip)…

And we got to visit my mum. Whilst it was nice to see her, it saddened me a lot to see her so depressed. She was very low all three times we saw her, despite multiple ice creams on the day trip to Sevenoaks and a surprise fresh cream Victoria sponge. But these such things don’t make up for her current, sad situation…

Was nice to see my dad. It’s ridiculous to think that at the age of 30 I found myself doing such ‘male bonding’-like things such as ‘watching the footie’ with him for the first time. Nickey wasn’t happy we missed the first half of the Italy-Germany match though.
And it was good to see my eldest sister, with whom Nickey and myself mostly had heated discussions countering her new faith in “the laws of attraction”, generated by her purchase of “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Personally, we’re far too cynical souls to believe in any of that positivity, love and visualisation malarkey, much to her annoyance… 😉

And then we came home. And in the most worrying way possible I sauntered off to work with an increased happiness (that I guarantee shant last long) for being back in those normal, grotesquely boring routines and situations of buses to work, coffee shops and Scottish rain. My mind wasn’t in the right place when I was in London, I had insomnia night after night despite being tired out, and I also didn’t write a single creative word, but slowly the block is lifting. I completed (tweaks aside) a draft piece of flash on the bus ride to work today. It’s rare for me to write flash as I simply want to type and type and… well, you get the idea! It was inspired by a conversation I had with Gill Hoffs at the writers group yesterday.

Every recent day has been half filled with searches for cheap holiday accommodation as our plans to go camping in August will probably be laid to waste by the rainiest summer in the U.K. I can remember. It’s not set to end. We simply want somewhere comfy where we can read, I can write, go for country walks and watch the inevitable downpours whilst indoors and warm…

Rain never fails to make me feel the urge to write.