A Worthy Escape

Words, sounds, feelings so stirring
Stir my head to point of seizing
Seizure eyes, mine slanting
Spinning into an oblivion
I’ll stomp my feet to the rhythm
Resist a never-ending clasp upon my arm
Shaking my being to the literal core
But it is me

Get the diazepam quick
Call the ambulance
I am nervous, I felt it coming
I’ve seen the light! In fact I’ve seen all three
All different colours, primaries
The flickering phosphors on a TV
Flashing fireworks for me alone to see
I am lost

My oblivion is not a chosen haven
A hell, nor purgatory, nor even a heaven
I am blinded and I will not see
A reminder is worthless, you were then my eyes to see
Bleary and unclear
I wake up to a doctor’s leer
I am tired, exhausted
I was lost
Now I’m found

I am tired