Quite simply put, wow.

I’m not sure I care how any of you voted, or even if you did. I needn’t play the role as a harbinger of doom as you simply need to take a quick look around you at this moment in time, but if you’re not scared just now, you should be. Really. Some of us already are.

I’ll assume this isn’t the aftermath of the storm. Nope. I’d love to go along with those that can even begin to sprinkle positivity and waves of hope on what has happened today, but I’m sorry, reality is calling. The events unfolding before us right now are most probably not even a mild gust in the run up to the shitstorm that is heading our way.

For a long while, myself and Nickey have stated that this referendum was not a cut and shut affair, and so many people I know seemed to think the same way. ‘We’re being asked the wrong question’, that’s how we viewed this EU referendum. Are the EU a perfect organisation? God no. But believe it or not, the option to ‘remain’ WAS the lesser of the evils we were presented with. The third option should’ve been ‘Stay within the EU and demand the restructuring of its practices’, or something to that effect. But we didn’t get that option. It was in or out. End of.

I needn’t even go into scandalous, putrid campaigns that helped to obtain the result that has occurred. We can blame the power-hungry psychopaths, Buffoon Johnson and Nigel Fartage. We can blame the propagandist British media cabal. But a huge amount of blame has to be dished upon the heads of those fucking ‘little Englanders’. I don’t care in which part of the United Kingdom these people live, I don’t care what colour their skin nor their backgrounds (which in some cases they have chosen to so easily forget), I use that term to describe the mentality they ascribe to. They may have been fed a diet of bigoted, xenophobic shit from every corner, but they lapped it all up. They allowed themselves to get taken in by the hysterical rhetoric, not because it was remotely logical or fact-based (it wasn’t), they sucked on the teat of lies and deceit because it appealed to their own inner prejudices, the ones they feel they have had to suppress for so long for being members of the ever evil EU with all its ‘foreigners’, sticking their noses in their land. Their hatred is based on the fact that people other than ‘their own’ exist at all.

They were played to a tee and by hell it worked.

All that needed to be said was the magic words ‘immigration’ and ‘immigrants’, and those ‘Little Englanders’ could go justify sticking their crosses in the box that has signed our fate. Fuck economy, finance, trading. Fuck freedom of movement (it worked both ways believe it or not, but why would any good islander consider leaving this little perfect place, I don’t know). Fuck that so many untruths were told in the campaign leading up to this referendum, because finding things out for yourself is just too fucking hard. Fuck all of that, and so much more. It all pales into insignificance when it comes to the islander mentality of those who still think the British Empire was a glorious thing, you know, because all those ‘other’ people deserved to be ruled over by the whiter-than-white elite, coming across the seas to ‘civilise’ the world, enslave, plunder, divide and conquer, and then leave the lands they ravaged in diabolical states of affairs. Were they offered the option for a referendum to remove their overlords from their lands?

My parents were born in India.
Nicholas’ lineage comes from Ireland.
We have an idea what ‘divide and conquer’ looks like. We also haven’t forgotten our respective backgrounds. My mother told me of times that the National Front would walk past my family in the street, to be spat upon, intimidated while bricks were thrown and homes set fire to. Nicholas tells of his grandmother’s memories of those signs on doors ‘No Irish, no coloureds, no dogs’ and the untold difficulties Irish Catholics faced trying to get by in a land filled with bigots that did not want them.

It has been said that not everyone that voted to leave is bigoted, but every bigot will have voted to leave, and today that same bigotry from days of yore is what helped to clinch the deal. For every step forward we have taken since those terrible days our respective immigrant parentage recalls, today, we’ve taken as many, if not more, steps backwards.

Those stuck in their small-minded ways have scuppered the future not just for generations to come, but for their very own generation. But those of us north of the border in Scotland have been here before. This is all a new experience for those in the rest of the UK, but the signs have always been there. If you choose to ignore them, then perhaps you deserve everything you get. But you’ve taken the rest of us down with you. This campaign was merely a power struggle, little public school boys playing games for their own gain. And the majority were suckered in, willingly in many cases.

And in regards to rise of xenophobic bigotry used to sway this referendum, this isn’t the first time such dangerous mentalities have prevailed over the possibility for true progression. There’s an EU country called Germany, we visited it recently. They’re well versed in a terrible period in their history, not so long ago that we shouldn’t have forgotten it. There are more than a few terrifying similarities between the earliest years of the rise of the National Socialists (the Nazi party) and what is happening around us.

I’ve been very, very quiet on social for over a year but I have decided to post this because I am fearful. Angered. Disgusted. Even more so than the last time I felt the need to react to the outcome of a referendum that was won through a plethora of misinformation and lies. This decision has consequences wider than most even bothered to contemplate, consequences which are only just beginning to unfold.

I fear for those in the direct path of the bigotry that has swayed this referendum. Fearful for those that question and those that challenge, those that genuinely care for those beyond themselves and their own kind. For every generation that is seeing doors and opportunities closing right in front of their eyes.

Of course I’d like to be proven wrong on my thoughts as to what is coming, but if you’re not scared, scared for yourself, your family, your children, your friends, your work colleagues, the people on your street, in your city and towns, for the United Kingdom and those all around us, you really should be.

Or you could always be that little islander, because you know, it’s easier than considering the wider implications of your actions.